Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The gorgeous and the grotesque

Children. They are the ridiculous and the sublime, and everything in between...including the gorgeaous and grotesque. I'll start with the latter - and I suggest you look away now if you are anyway sensitive.

Yesterday I had the unglamorous task of chasing my toddler round the house trying to get the soggy tissue paper out of her mouth....... tissue paper that was soggy because she had retrieved it from the toilet..... the toilet that was full of my eldest daughter's poo before she had had a chance to flush. Not one of my better moments. I only recovered when they were all gorgeous this morning. As we ate breakfast, they broke into a spontanious Raspberry finger puppet show - like you do. I was still laughing 8 hours later....

Although I was momentarily sobered by a event mid-morning. I was baking brownies (sometimes I have to admit that baking has nothing to do with the kids, and everything to do with my mid-morning snack cravings) and Ruby was playing on the decking where a long slithery worm was casually making its way to nowhere. I turned my back for a moment to stir the chocolate and when I returned, the worm was no more. Maybe he was a super-worm and slithered really really fast. Sometimes it's just better not to know....


  1. Hmmm . . . I think I totally agree with you there - in this case it's definitely better NOT to know!!! But, I'm sure no harm done and little Ruby is still full of beans and raring to go!!

  2. Oh I totally know what you mean. Every single day we have gross moments and I just shake my head and smile most times. I always think how funny it will be to remind them of their antics one day... maybe not so funny for them though!
    But we have many gorgeous moments also... always love when they're straight out of the bath, hair washed and fresh clothes on.
    Your little poppets are SO adorable, with their raspberry fingers xoxo

  3. Oh I can relate so much . My days swing from being totally stommac churning to so hilarious that I cry with laughter and it is all wonderful . Beautiful little children