Sunday, September 23, 2012

Changing times

Life has changed so much in recent weeks. Speeded up, slowed down, eased off, taken off.  Since coming back from Donegal where the days rolled into each other like the sea on those glorious beaches, and the horizon was limiteless, the autumn now drags the dark skies in earlier and a new phase of life with it.

Poppy has started school with her usual confident shyness, and Daisy has bounced into her third year with a happiness that was covered in trepidation the first two years. And Ruby.... well Ruby has reached the big 2 milestone, leaving her official status as baby behind. However, she is as minxy and exhuberant as ever. This week she got into my baking cupboard (she rattles them until the locks break) and covered the puppy in Pink food colouring. Last week it was green felt tip pen, and we're all still recovering from her covering the poor pub in nappy cream!

But the big change is me. I have a new job - the first time really working out of the house since the girls were born. We have a lovely au pair from Germany who has taken all my stress of childcare issues away, and I now wear lipstick and talk to adults three days a week.  It took a lot of time for me to come to terms with the change that would take me away from the girls, but it's been amazing. In a good way.  I love my new job, I love the fact that for the first time I'm not working from home - it means when I stop working, I STOP WORKING!  Weirdly, I have better time with the girls now, because when I'm there now, I'm there for them.  I'm not juggling them, my gmail, my yahoo mail, my work mail, my iphone, my housework, my general life. Oh, and my marriage!

Now, I have time to be with the girls. I do my own stuff in the evening instead of finishing work deadlines. And....... one night a week, hubby and I have a date night. A DATE NIGHT!!!!  I've even managed to squeeze an extra au pair hour this week so we can go and walk the dog. Together. As a couple. I'll say that word again. Together.

After 7 years of baby care, I think I'm finally into the new stage of childcare.  A new stage of work life. A new stage of marriage.

Here's to change. And it being as good as a rest!  Coz there's no chance of that!


  1. Wow! I am so uplifted by this post Alana. So SO happy for you, I can hear the positivity this change has made for you. Well done my friend, after 7 years, you totally deserve to get a little of YOU back. Glad to hear the girl's are going well...aren't the two year olds terribly mischievous?! Enjoy those lovely date nights :) xo

  2. congratulations!!! that all is wonderful news!

  3. Dear Alana, I've just discovered your blog. I'm 41 and from Dublin but now live in Aberdeen with my husband and 3 year old son. I haven't been back home for quite a while as my entire family moved to Australia 4 years ago. Anyway just to say I'm really enjoying your blog especially since you are such a lively writer. I'm just returning to work having been very part time here and while this job will only be for a day or two per week, it's great to get out and carve some time for yourself. Mind you I like being at home but it is very full on! Hats off to you as a Mum with 3 kids! I just about manage with one! all best wishes from Scotland, Sandra