Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Donegal Dreaming..... 2012

I'm back. Back in the glorious expanse of sky that makes me feel part of a huge beautiful world. All year I have waited for this. All year I have plodded and puffed, toiled and teared my way through the months waiting for this.....
..... the wet smulch of sea-soaked sand between my toes. The wind blowing away the stands of stress with every bluster.  I'm back. And as always, the beautiful wilderness of Donegal makes me feel alive, alert, appreciative.
I'm back..... in every sense of the words.


  1. sounds like bliss to me.

    so glad you stopped by today, i had a glitch a few days ago and lost all the blogs i love to read, among them, yours.

  2. Fantastic! I couldn't feel happier for you Alana. It sounds utterly heavenly. Enjoy enjoy enjoy, you so richly deserve it.
    Love the toes, they look ready for plenty of beach time :) xoxo

  3. Donegal really does have a way of making you feel alive! Fantastic place!