Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some days...

Some days it all comes together... and some days it all falls apart. Today was the latter. My recent attempts at reading Buddhism (whatever gets us through the day, I say) is being tested as my new found calm took a sabatical, and the screaming heeby-jeeby's took over. The more Ruby screamed outwardly, the more I screamed inwardly. The more Poppy cried at every little thing, the more I wanted to cry at every single thing. The more Daisy tortured me for her confiscated Leappad, the more I wanted to confiscate myself. This was me at 4.52pm....

And then my knight in shining armour came home and rescued me from the wicked witches. Thank you hubby...... coming home early was the best wedding anniversary present you could give me.... (well, the best one that doesn't sparkle!!).


  1. Oh you poor love, I can relate to this so well at present. Lately, I have felt like screaming alot also... and probably have been screaming too much actually :o/
    Happy Anniversary! It's amazing how much better you can feel with something as simple as hubby getting home a little earlier. Hope you both enjoyed some bubbly and a nice dinner.
    Hugs xo

  2. happy anniversary! sorry it got off to such a rough start.

    i feel like this at some point most days. when it goes on for a few days in a row, i tell my spouse, "if i don't get out of this house now, dangerous things will happen.'

  3. I felt like that around the same time today although I only have one child demanding my attention and, in my case, arguing back all the time. *sigh*. Happy anniversary to you and your knight in shining armour!