Monday, March 8, 2010

Fabulous Forty - Part 2

Sorry - that was a long intermission. The nausea fog is clearing, but the clouds of exhaustion still hang low.... anyway, back to my list. My Forty Fabulous Things I Love about Life (in no particular order) Part 2:
  1. The colour purple
  2. The way Poppy looks at me when she is naughty
  3. Lists - making them, colour coding them, crossing them off
  4. Planning and organising.... it's an affliction I know...
  5. The crackle of a fire and the heat from the blaze on a cold windy night
  6. A heartbeat at that first scan
  7. When a little hand reaches up into mine when I'm walking down the road
  8. My husband's laugh
  9. Daisy's goodnight kisses
  10. Stepping off a plane on holiday and feeling a foreign sun welcome me
  11. Green chicken curry
  12. Sunday's at home, pottering in a sunny garden with the girls running round throwing sand on the lawn.
  13. Disappearing into a book and feeling like I live there on the pages
  14. Every single thing about Christmas
  15. Driving in the car (alone) and listening to music (other than the Wheels on the Bus) very very loudly
  16. Colin Firth as Mr Darcy jumping into the lake
  17. Saturday morning cuddles in bed with the girls, all warm and entangled
  18. My family - and the fact that 40 years on I still want to spend time with my mum, dad and brother
  19. The knowledge that the first half was great, and the second half will be even better because I will get to watch the best show on earth - my girls growing up
  20. The thought that I'm going to spend the next 40 years of my life with him and them

So there we are. The celebrations are over, the presents unwrapped, the balloons burst. Back to getting on with this 40 year old life.... and just so I don't get carried away with all the love and affection I've received the last week, my girls know just how to keep me grounded. When I told Daisy I was forty last week, she was quiet for a moment and then looked at me forlornly - "That's old. Are you going to die?"


  1. gotta love daisy for keeping it real, right?

    otherwise, a lovely post. may i be so appreciative of my family....

  2. I missed your last post so a very belated and very happy 40th (I'm catching up fast!). What a wonderful way to celebrate with these positive things - here here!

  3. Happy 40th! I love what Daisy said. It sounds just like my Nino. He is always telling me in chronological order who is going to die first in our family (according to his predictions based on who is oldest.) It's always nice to hear that I will die first since I am older than my husband. Good times!

  4. Oh my goodness, just catching up with your blog (sorry I've been really lax over the last few weeks) and I'm really sorry to hear what a rough time you've been going through. Just wanted to say happy belated birthday and sending lots of positive wishes your way. I love both of your lists. x

  5. thanks everyone - 41st best thing about life - my on-line friends!