Wednesday, January 6, 2010

High Fives

This has been a good day, for lots of reasons. We are snowed in and I managed a whole day trapped (ahem, that meant to read enjoying) in the house with the girls without any major tantrums. The girls were pretty good too. I was commissioned to write 3 articles today (I’ll not focus on the fact it took 12 pitches). I lit the fire at 3pm – always the sign of a good day. I enjoyed an avalanche of creative musings from my on-line friends (where we all snowed in or did Josie at Sleep is for the Weak hit on an amazing idea?). Daisy and I built a snowgirl. Hubby came home early and threw a snowball at me. And, to top the tip top day off, I got two, yes count them, two high five memes from the lovely, the witty, the entertaining, the courageous and the good Carrot in Mum’s Hair and Foodie Mummy. (Is there a connection with my over love of food and the fact both my cheerleaders today have food in their titles??!). So I accept the high fave tags and bow down to the task of writing my five highlights of 2009. I’m going to call them my Five Family Favourites.

1. We moved into our family home, the place I will sleep (hopefully), laugh (definitely), cry (probably), and write (inspiringly) as we raise our children and deliver them out into the world loved and laden with encouragement.
2. Our family holiday. It was local, it was wet, it was windy and it was wonderful.
3. My summer off with the girls. The first time I realised I could let go a little, and enjoy (while not being pregnant or breastfeeding) long days of just being a mum in the sun, picnics and adventures galore.
4. Our extended family holiday when the Kirk Clan descended on Dublin, little people laughing while big people ate – bliss.
5. After a hard day at home with the girls, coming home in the evening with a glass of wine to my blogging family – wonderful women who teach and inspire, and challenge and support and encourage and make me feel I belong to something amazing. Oh wait… I do!

And so I offer the High Five tag to the following…. And I’m sorry if she’s been tagged before but I have to add Josie in there,
Sleep is for the weak
Spinning Plates
Rosie Scribble
Rewriting Motherhood

High Five y’all, and here’s to the many highs to 2010.


  1. Happy New Year. I'm glad you had a good day.

  2. Thanks for the tag. I love your best bits especially the but about drinking wine with your blogging family.

    I have mentioned my blogging friends and best bits here:

  3. Hello to a fellow Judith! =)

    Sounds like you had quite a good 2009! Hope to share many more memories with you in 2010 =)

  4. Thanks so much for the tag and for linking to mine. I'll get my thinking cap on and give you a yell when I'm all expressed on my blog. Delighted that eveyone loves Judith's Room. It just felt so right, and I can't wait to move in and have a cup of coffee. ;-p

  5. I KNow ! I feel like I've just mafde a load of new friends at school! we're already talking of a reunion (well, an introduction). Happy 2010.

  6. Number 5 is brilliant!
    I've tagged you over at mine:

  7. Hi there!! Found you on Judith's room and just read some of your awesome articles on Modern Mum. You are such a great writer!! I really enjoyed reading your work. And your bloggy is super too. I'll be following you and looking forward to keeping up with all the mummy mania.

  8. PS I have been going through the blog roll you have on your site here and it is AWESOME!! What a great list. I am now stalking you and all your bloggy friends. Thanks for taking the time to compose such an awesome list.