Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One day....

In answer to Josie’s fantastic blog prompts in her Writing Workshop at Sleep is for the Weak, here are my thoughts on my dreams for ‘one day…’

One day, I’d like to fulfil my dream of having a menagerie of weird and wonderful animals lounging around in my little backyard pet rescue. Chickens, goats, dogs, cats, donkeys and seals (yes, I know, but for some odd reason I’ve always wanted a pet seal). But then if I had that, how would I go on holiday? Better not.

One day, I’d like to be someone famous and glamorous – maybe an Oscar winning actress heading off to the awards having had my hair, and body and clothes ‘done’ by the experts with George Clooney on my arm (I usually have this dream while carrying the washing up stairs, or the ironing downstairs, and jump in fright when I see the wild woman of the west staring back in the mirror). But then would I want that crushing media exposure? And isn’t George Clooney gay? Better not.

One day, I’d like to have a squillion euro so I could lounge around the Med in my yacht while the nannies feed the kids with the food made by my chef, while my masseuse rubs my shoulders on the bed newly straightened by my maid. But then, if I had all this, what would I do for a treat? Better not.

One day, I’d like to wake up and have no washing, ironing, folding, cleaning, cooking, shopping. Actually, I’d quite like that another day too. Better not think about that too much.

One day I’d like to wake up and roll over and kiss a gorgeous guy and know he loves me. Then I’d like to go into the bedroom next door and get kissed and cuddled by two gorgeous girls who call me mum. Then I’d like to call my mum on the phone and know all my family are alive and happy. Then I’d like to open my laptop and immerse myself in my blogging world and see how all my internet friends are doing, knowing this mothering writing lark is hard but I’m not alone. One day I’d like to write for a living – a blogging life, a writing life, a full and frantic family life, with a cat, 3 fish and two chickens on the way.

Oh wait, that’s today!

One day I’m going to stop moaning and wishing my life away, and enjoy what I have, when I have it. Maybe I’ll start today…… no more ‘one days’. That said, one day
I’ll get round to doing another of Josie’s prompts…. Thanks Josie!


  1. Oh absolutely! It's so easy to be consumed with what we wish for and forget about what we have. Which is the cheesiest thing I've ever written in a comment but it's true.

    Saying that, I'll take the squillion euros thanks... and the chickens actually! I'd LOVE chickens! (more than George Cloony - is he really gay??!)

  2. Oh I love this post! I wish we could hang out in person!

    And thank you for your recent comments on Mother Words. Your words mean so much to me!!

  3. I know! My chickens are in the post! Well, hopefuly not ACTUALLY in the post... but on their way via the Hen Highway along with a little hen house. Very excited... will post a picture of Rhoda and Aida when they arrive. and as for George Clooney.... I'm afraid I ahve a very reliable source.... he was too good looking anyway. Sigh.

  4. What a great post, made me smile x

  5. Yup - I'm guilty of wishing stuff away. Most recently wishing that my 18month-old was old enough to do stuff on her own. Am I crazy. She's my last baby. Stay a baby please.... I don't mean it!!
    Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog by the way.