Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cherish your angels

Yesterday a close friend of my husband's died.

Just like that.

He was 39, funny, caring, outrageous, and kind. He leaves behind a shattered wife, and the two loves of his life - aged 3 and 18 months. Yesterday, in a moment of freak accident, as his snowboard careered off the edge of a mountain in brilliant sunshine and glorious surroundings, their young lives changed forever. His exhuberance for life was only matched by his adoration of his girls - girls that will now grow up without him to hold their hands, to dance in puddles, to shout "Daddy, Daddy" when they find a ladybird in the garden.

I know his wife, his many many friends, and his family will make sure those beautiful girls grow up surrounded by the best memories of their dad they can offer. And despite my lack of religious belief, i know - because it can be no other way - that he will walk beside them every step of their young lives.

last night my husband broke down as we went in to check on our own girls. so precious. so beautiful. so needing of us. so let's cherish them. let all of us who have them, cherish them.

lets make sure we hold their hands, dance in puddles and chase ladybirds in the garden. we must, not only because we can, but because we owe it to those who can't.

(c) AKG 2008

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  1. Thats so sweetly written Alana, and im sorry for yours and charles loss. Hugs xxx Cat